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The East Hartford Art League and the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts are honored to announce that on Sunday, Feb. 23, artist Diana Lyn Cote will demonstrate her unique painting styles using oil sticks in a two hour presentation from 2 to 4 p.m.  Held in Room 12 at the East Hartford Community Center, this wonderful opportunity is FREE and open to the public. 

Diana’s paintings are everyone’s favorite subjects, especially now as we are nearing the end the long dreary winter months and patiently await Spring in New England!  As an artist. she has always been supportive of the East Hartford community, and has recently published a book of paintings.

Ms. Cote has a diverse following of private and corporate collectors.  She is well known for her inventive expressionistic styles and use of light. As she paints, Diana layers each color using the oil sticks to weave a tapestry of colors and light in nature that, when completed, is so lifelike as to resemble a photograph. Diana will also show various works of art that have identified her as a most unique and popular artist.

Explains Diana, “Understanding the colors that make up the subtle or dramatic effects of light, and applying them in a unique way is my focus. Each minute of the day may change the quality of the light on a subject or scene.”

You may find additional information about Diana Lyn Cote at her website www.dianalyncote.com

Please mark the date and plan to join us in the East Hartford Community Center on Sunday February 23. This art presentation is free and open to the public, light refreshments will be served and there is a raffle drawing for a $25 Gift Card. The East Hartford Art League provides enrichment in the arts for our community through various programs held throughout the year, with assistance from the East Hartford Culture and Fine Arts Commission.



The East Hartford Art League, in conjunction with the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts, is honored to announce that on Sunday, January 12, there will be an art program featuring regional artist Shauna Shane. From 2 to 4 p.m., attendees will learn first-hand how Shauna creates scenes that are infused with light and color.  Shauna’s artwork brings a unique atmosphere for viewers to appreciate, whether with watercolor, oil or pastel.

Shauna’s love of color combines with a love of texture and light to create art that appeals to everyone, from youngsters to grown-ups!  This program is FREE and open to the public, held in the Fine Arts Commission Room 12 located on the lower level of the East Hartford Community Center. 

Shauna Shane runs a successful working studio located in Mansfield CT, where her artwork  brings her happiness and a strong sense of self that helps keep her “centered”.  Says Shauna, “What people call talent in art is really better described as passion that gives back to the artist.”  Shauna has been a professional painter for more than 38 years.  She plans to bring a number of her completed paintings for everyone to view, and she will demonstrate how she goes about creating a painting.

Art League Featured Artist & Caricaturist Bill Dougal

The East Hartford Art League, in conjunction with the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts, is honored to announce that on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 1 p.m., artist Bill Dougal will demonstrate how to be a successful illustrator, including drawing cartoons and caricatures. Held at the East Hartford Senior Center @ 70 Canterbury Lane, this art presentation is FREE and open to the public. (Please contact Susan Lather @ 860-895-1517 if you would like to attend the luncheon that is served at 12 noon, for a donation of $2.50)

Mr. Dougal has worked in many mediums and styles and has over 36 years of experience as a professional artist.  His specialties are illustration, cartooning, caricature and graphic design. His illustrations have been used for publication in “The Glastonbury Book” and “Hartford Magazine”. Advertising clients include The Computer Tamers and Savings Institute.

Mr. Dougal has illustrated  many  books and will be happy to answer questions on his work.  He has worked as art director for ad agencies, and draws caricatures for clients like Aetna and the Greater Hartford Arts Council. Bill has taught illustration at Manchester Community College, and Eastconn’s arts magnet school.  He holds a BFA from The Hartford Art School.  Samples of his work can be seen at www.DougalArt.com

This presentation is guaranteed to delight the young at heart as we see for ourselves how to get started with our own drawings and how to successfully illustrate!  The East Hartford Art League provides enrichment in the arts for our community through various programs held throughout the year.

2019 Spring Art Fest Winners:

Purchase Award -  Fine Arts Commission,
up to $900
“Transition” by Robynn Davis  (oil)

Mayor’s Award - $100 value
“Ketubah” by Anna & Marilyn Pet  (linoleum cut)

Blackstone Best in Show Award - $200 value
“Good Book” by Ned Lomerson  (sculpture)

Reed Family Award - $100 value
“Renaissance Coffee Filter” by Cheryl Cianci (pen & ink)

Wandy Family Award - $100 value
“Chess On A Bench” by Layne Marholin   (oil)

Discount Trophy Award -  Desk Clock, $35 value
First Prize - originality
“Trio of Butterflies” by Mary Guasta   (acrylic)

Anderson’s Jewellry Award – $50 Gift Card
“Guardian of the Cornfield” by Lidija Petrus   (photgraphy)

Art League Award – $50 Gift Card
First Prize – composition
“Egret” by Pete Wlochowski   (watercolor)

Art League Award –  $50 Gift Card
First Prize – use of color
“Bluebells” by Diana Lyn Cote   (oil paint sticks)

Art League Award – $50 Gift Card
First Prize – photography or alternate media
“Unfurl” by Tiffany Bradshaw   (oil)

Art League Award – $25 Gift Card
Juror’s Choice
“Mirrored Reflection” by Veronica Lufbery   (photography)

Art League Award – $25 Gift Card
First Prize – new artist
“Petunia on the Gate” by Marjorie Bellingham  (watercolor)

Art League Award – $50 Gift Card
Juror’s Choice - First Prize
“Notre Dame” by Butch Wandy  (prismatic imagery)

Click here to view some photos from the event.

February Art League Presentation Features Jim Brunelle Teaching Pottery

The East Hartford Art League is honored to announce that on Sunday, Feb. 24 from 2 to 4 p.m., Mr. Jim Brunelle will demonstrate the art of pottery.  Jim will talk about how he first started with this unusual artistic talent, and will explain some of his techniques. Pottery is fun, both with the potter’s wheel or without, so stop by and learn about clay, pottery, and design on February’s final Sunday.

This presentation will take place in the Fine Arts Room located on the lower level of the East Hartford Community Center. The presentation is free and is open to the public, as well as East Hartford Art League members.

The East Hartford Art League provides enrichment in the arts for our community through various programs held throughout the year.

NEW! Watch the video of his presentation!


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Our Mission

The East Hartford Art League was established in November 1958 to promote interest in all phases of creative art and to encourage the activities of artists and art-loving people in the Community.


History / About Us

It was back in 1958 that a group of art lovers here in East Hartford first started to think about forming a town-wide Art League.  In September 1958, an art lesson was planned with local artist Mr. Charles Stepule, who had agreed to instruct an oil painting class if more than 10 people showed up.  Unfortunately the attendance was disappointing with only Raymond and Elva Kiely, Mrs. William Sydenham, Mrs. Alfred Fish, Mrs. Raymond Smaglia, Miss Jeneave Nichols and Mrs. Louis Newmann attending.

However, Raymond and Elva Kiely would not give up the idea of forming an art organization to help teach art, hold organized art demonstrations for town residents along with instruction, and display local residents’ artwork.  The story is that Raymond and Elva Kiely went back to Mr. Charles Stepule to ask him if he could contact any of his students and ask them to help form an Art League for the Town of East Hartford.  Well, Charles Stepule did just that.  By the time they had finished telling everyone what they were doing, they successfully formed a group of people including some from adult education, some of Charles’ art students and the schools as well.

Sure enough, this entire group of people met in the North End Community Building.  With advice on procedure from Mr. Nicholas Foran of the East Hartford Parks and Recreation Dept., along with Elva Kiely as acting Chair, this first group of East Hartford art lovers proceeded to establish an art organization in East Hartford.  At that first meeting, officers were chosen and installed, and Mr. Foran announced that the Parks & Recreation Dept. would help sponsor the organization.

Since that time so long ago many town residents have participated in the art demonstrations made possible through the East Hartford Art League.  Most recently, art lovers have enjoyed presentations from Mr. Jeff Feldmann, photographer and naturalist; Mr. Neil LeFebvre, a modern painter from around the region; Ms. Charlotte Turner, a local artist who works with pastels; and renowned artist and instructor Luciana Heineman.


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