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Mary Guasta’s Art Show at Raymond Public Library

October 2018 through January 2019. View a list with locations for the art that was on display.

Presentation by Marilyn Thrall, Sculptor

The East Hartford Art League and the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts are happy to announce that on Sunday, November 18, Canton sculptor Marilyn Thrall will demonstrate how she creates sculptures that capture simple moments in time.  Ms. Thrall’s sculptures include a “gentleness in life” for which she is well known.  This presentation will be held in the Fine Arts Room at the East Hartford Community Center at 2:30 p.m., and is FREE and open to the public. 

Ms. Thrall, who has been creating sculptures since 1973, actually started her art career as a painter. While enrolled as an art student at the University of Wisconsin, she decided to take a stone sculpture class and knew right away that sculpting was something she wanted to continue to do.

Come attend this fascinating presentation as Marilyn Thrall walks us through her creative sketches while she forms life-like pieces that engage everyone in her art.  Says Ms. Thrall, “The intention of my sculpture is to capture an everyday moment that is a reflection of who all of us once were!”

When she is not creating sculptures of children, Marilyn is busy teaching them art. Her terra cotta and bronze pieces have been widely displayed in area galleries and exhibitions.  She has had many solo exhibits, and is currently Artist In Residence in West Hartford, East Hartford, Canton, Killingworth and Plainville public schools.

For more information, please go to www.sculpturesbythrall.com

The East Hartford Art League provides enrichment in the arts for our community through various programs held throughout the year.  Please mark your calendars to attend this fascinating art presentation on Sunday November 18 at 2:30 p.m. There will be door prizes and light refreshments as well.


Congratulations to all the artists who participated! There were over 100 paintings on display during this year’s annual Spring Art Fest. Check out photos of some of the art on display

Purchase Award - Fine Arts Commission
Awarded to Diana Lynn Cote for Oil Painting, “Lion Cub”

Mayor’s Award - $100 value
Awarded to Susan Bellafleur for hand-made quilt, “Yo-Yo Quilt”

Blackstone Best in Show Award - $200 value
Awarded to Diana Lyn Cote for Oil Painting, “Iris by the Pond”

Reed Family Award - $100 value
Awarded to Steven Strange for Acrylic Painting, “Aranjuez”

Wandy Family Award - $100 value
Awarded to Marilyn Pet for Oil Painting, “Douglas & Justine”

Discount Trophy Award -  Desk Clock, $35 value First Prize – originality
Awarded to Neil LeFebvre for Acrylic Design, “Double Bubble”

Anderson’s Jewelry Award – Desk Clock, $35 value
Awarded to Keishi Pet for Bonsai arrangement, “Growing Things”

Art League Award –   $50 Gift Card
First Prize – use of color
Awarded to Layne Marholin for Oil Painting, “Umbrella Patio”

Art League Award –   $50 Gift Card
First Prize – composition
Awarded to Danielle Bagdoniate for Oil Painting, “Calila”

Art League Award –   $25 Gift Card
First Prize – photography or alternate media
Awarded to Lidya Petrus for Photograph, “The Path”

Art League Award –   $25 Gift Card
First Prize – new artist
Awarded to Jane Maciel for Oil Painting, “Throw Me A Lifeline”

Art League Award –   $50 Gift Card
First Prize – landscape art
Awarded to Mary Guasta for Acrylic Painting, “Elizabeth Park”


The East Hartford Art League, in conjunction with the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts, held a presentation on Sunday, Feb. 18 at 2 p.m., with Glastonbury artist Ed Hicks who presented an illustrated lecture about eight great artists who are legendary figures in the art world and who influenced the culture of their time: Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, James Whistler, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent VanGogh, Pablo Picasso, and Henri de Tolouce –Latrec. View the flyer for this event. 

This program was a conversation style program featuring these eight artists, their works, words and style. Explains Mr. Hicks, who is an accomplished artist regionally and has shown his artwork in many towns around CT,“You might know something about these artists, but when you understand more about their lives, you will better understand their art.”

Ed Hicks is an artist who creates compelling imagery from scenes through his use of color and design. A graduate of Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Mr. Hicks worked as an art director in Hartford for close to a decade before devoting full time to his artwork.


The East Hartford Art League, in conjunction with the East Hartford Commission on Culture and Fine Arts, is honored to announce that on Tuesday, March 20 at 1 p.m., artist Bill Dougal will demonstrate how to be a successful illustrator, including drawing cartoons and caricatures. Held at the East Hartford Senior Center @ 70 Canterbury Lane, this art presentation is FREE and open to the public. Please contact Susan Lather @ 860-895-1517 if you plan on attending.

Mr. Dougal has worked in many mediums and styles and has over 36 years of experience as a professional artist.  His specialties are illustration, cartooning, caricature and graphic design. His illustrations have been used for publication in “The Glastonbury Book” and “Hartford Magazine”. Advertising clients include The Computer Tamers and Savings Institute.

Mr. Dougal has illustrated  many  books and will be happy to answer questions on his work.  He has worked as art director for ad agencies, and draws caricatures for clients like Aetna and the Greater Hartford Arts Council. Bill has taught illustration at Manchester Community College, and Eastconn’s arts magnet school.  He holds a BFA from The Hartford Art School.  Samples of his work can be seen at www.DougalArt.com.

This fun presentation is guaranteed to delight the young at heart as we see for ourselves how to get started with our own drawings and how to successfully illustrate!  The East Hartford Art League provides enrichment in the arts for our community through various programs held throughout the year.


The East Hartford Art League, established in 1958, is one of the oldest art leagues in America.  Thanks to the foresight and planning of the Art League’s founders, 58 original artworks hang on the Raymond Library walls, all of them “Purchase Award” winners from the annual Spring Art Fest shows.

Saturday, May 13, more than twenty artists convened to participate in the annual Spring Art Fest sponsored by the East Hartford Fine Arts Commission and the East Hartford Art League. This year’s judge was Ms. Rae Robinson who resides in Southington CT. Ms. Robinson is a graduate of the former Art School of Fashion and Design in Hartford as well as Fine Arts at CCSU and Paier Art School of Hamden CT. 

“I feel that my early life in New York was the impetus that now influences my work, as well as faith in my inner spirit and voice,” says Rae. “I believe that everyone is creative if they take the time to discover availabilities to express themselves.”  Ms. Robinson goes on to explain how she mentors and teaches artists in her career, both adults and children.  It is well known that qualities children learn from art include creativity, confidence, perseverance, focus, problem solving, accountability and dedication.

This year, regional artist Neil LeFebvre swept everyone away with his delightful rendition of a ferris wheel entitled “Wonder Wheel at Coney Island”.  A large oil painting done in the retro-Americana style, it is the winner of this year’s Purchase Award.  Please plan to stop by the Raymond Library to view this new painting.  
The Mayor’s Award was presented to Ms. Danguole Bagdonaile for her oil painting entitled “Barnyard”, another beautiful painting that captures the allure of country life on the farm. 

The “Blackstone Best in Show Award” went to Brenda Lyons for her painting entitled “Erase”, which depicted a beautiful hawk partially erased to symbolize environmental dangers to hawks and other raptors.  Ms. Terrye Blackstone presented this award, thanking all the artists who do so much for the town of East Hartford through their hard work and enthusiasm as they participate with the Art League.  Brenda Lyons works to rehabilitate injured raptors and birds of prey, and her beautiful paintings reflect her knowledge of each species.
Congratulations to all of the artists and winners! Our thanks also to the staff at Raymond Library, and to Gabriel Zaikarite from EHHS who was our featured pianist during the Art Show. Thank you also to the East Hartford Fine Arts Commission for  their dedication.

Purchase Award – “Wonder Wheel at Coney Island” by Neil LeFebvre, oil on canvas;

Mayor’s Award – “Barnyard” by Danguole Bagdonaile, oil on canvas;

Blackstone Best in Show Award – “Erase” by Brenda Lyons, watercolor & graphite;

Reed Family Award – “Firebird” by Steven Strange, acrylic on canvas;

Wandy Award – “Entrance” by Layne, acrylic on canvas;

First Prize for Use of Color  – “Dogwood Tree in Forest #1 & #2” by Mary Guasta, acrylic on canvas;

First Prize in Composition – “The Concert” by Marilyn Pet, oil sticks on canvas;

Art League Award – “Cowboy Herding Cattle”, by Joe and Jean Della Rocco, pastels;

First Prize for Photography – “Burst of Color” by Veronica Lufbery, photograph;

First Prize for Originality – “The Chapel” by Dan Lyman Russell, watercolor;

First Prize for Unusual Medium – “Strata” by Bob Dorn, natural material mosaic;

First Prize for Pen & Ink Drawing – “Splash / Cover” by Felicia Brown, pen and ink;

First Prize for Creativity – “Imagine Her” by Donna Brown, acrylic on canvas;


For more information about the East Hartford Art League, please contact Holly Reed @860- 528-2210

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